Stop! I Am Not Ready! Seriously!


This is the time of year where I start to feel sad and a bit sentimental.

It was just a short time ago when school let out for us. Plans were made and the days seemed endless. Summer has always been my brief time to be a stay at home Mom and enjoy my twin daughters. I am not one who cannot wait for her daughters to return to school in September. I love spending time with them, chatting with them, and simply listening to them as they make plans for their future. (Although each time a piece of mail comes from a college any distance away, I cringe!) We have  enjoyed our months off and I wouldn’t change a thing! I am not naive. I know things won’t always be this way and I have tried to soak in every precious moment through all of my senses.

Yet…You  cannot put off the inevitable so I was even brave enough (Ha-Ha!) to tackle the annual trip to Target and Staples for school supplies yesterday. For as much as I need Summer to last another month, I have daughters who LOVE school and learning. They are ready to move on in many ways. Me? Not so much to be honest! They are moving into a new school year but also moving a few steps closer down the pathways that will lead them to each of their life’s purposes. Their mother, on the other hand, is watching from a distance with a few tears. I may not have accomplished all I wanted to get done this Summer, but I was fortunate enough to spend it with 2 of the greatest people know! I get to call them my daughters!

Thank you for a wonderful Summer lovely daughters,


Making Memories


start on January 1st with an empty jar. throughout the year write the good things that happened to you on little pieces of paper. on December 31st, open the jar and read all the amazing things that happened to you that year.

There is no better feeling than truly being aware that a memory is being made.

Summer just naturally lends itself to being the backdrop for many significant memories. Whether it is a great discussion by a fire pit, while roasting marshmallows, or looking up at the stars or an even an impromptu trip to the movies. The opportunities are endless we need only be aware and present!

This week the ingredients for wonderful memories were aligned! We had out of town family in this past week. The weather was absolutely beautiful and laughter was aplenty. No detail went unnoticed. These are the rare gems of days that you just want to tuck away, in a special box, to pull out repeatedly and admire.

When the ingredients for outstanding memories are there it feels, to me, that the senses are also heightened. I heard the sweet sound of laughter coming from my family. I saw joy in the faces of my children; especially when they were bonding with their older cousin. Who knew doing nails could be so much fun! I enjoyed the scents of flowers, fresh cut grass, and a delicious breakfast that was made by my hubby with love. I held the hands of loved ones and embraced them as they arrived as well as when they left. Last but not least I tasted a scrumptious new flavor of ice cream.

While not considered by many to be a bold adventurous week; it was as the great Mary Poppins would state “practically perfect in every way!”

As we enter this month of “transitions” a little further, I will use this week to motivate, strengthen, and encourage my outlook. Great things await and many more memories are on the horizon to be made. Use this time to make a memory to treasure!

Leave a comment with a favorite memory!