Stop! I Am Not Ready! Seriously!


This is the time of year where I start to feel sad and a bit sentimental.

It was just a short time ago when school let out for us. Plans were made and the days seemed endless. Summer has always been my brief time to be a stay at home Mom and enjoy my twin daughters. I am not one who cannot wait for her daughters to return to school in September. I love spending time with them, chatting with them, and simply listening to them as they make plans for their future. (Although each time a piece of mail comes from a college any distance away, I cringe!) We have  enjoyed our months off and I wouldn’t change a thing! I am not naive. I know things won’t always be this way and I have tried to soak in every precious moment through all of my senses.

Yet…You  cannot put off the inevitable so I was even brave enough (Ha-Ha!) to tackle the annual trip to Target and Staples for school supplies yesterday. For as much as I need Summer to last another month, I have daughters who LOVE school and learning. They are ready to move on in many ways. Me? Not so much to be honest! They are moving into a new school year but also moving a few steps closer down the pathways that will lead them to each of their life’s purposes. Their mother, on the other hand, is watching from a distance with a few tears. I may not have accomplished all I wanted to get done this Summer, but I was fortunate enough to spend it with 2 of the greatest people know! I get to call them my daughters!

Thank you for a wonderful Summer lovely daughters,