Turning Points-Catalysts For Change



Back in May I decided that it was time to put some focus on me. It sounds selfish but the root of it is for my family. I wanted to work on me physically, spiritually, and hopefully develop a more positive outlook. This blog was one piece of it and it is a work in progress, although progress can be a bit slow.

I want to encourage others to think about what is their “catalyst for change” and hopefully use this as a spring board for change. It is so important to not let these events keep you stagnant or let them define you as a person.

Confession time: I have been guilty of both becoming stagnant and of letting these events define me over the course of the last 3 years. This time of year has been difficult because 3 years ago my life was shaken to the core. My husband, at the age of 46, had a stroke. I still have trouble verbalizing that fact. It felt like the floor had collapsed below me. During that time I could not or would not process the event and diagnosis. What we thought was simple dehydration, from working outside all day, had turned into the unfathomable. Thankfully, he was not left with any lasting effects. We did however find out he is a diabetic and he was finally able to immediately quit smoking.

Within months of this event one of our daughters, as I have written about, became injured. This in turn ended her softball playing days and she had to endure 3 surgeries and countless physical therapy appointments in less than a year and a half. Most recently, this past winter, she successfully stumped her team as to why things were not stable. I am happy to say that there has been some progress in that area and we are cautiously optimistic.

Fast forward to this Spring when it felt like I was finally able to let out a sigh of relief, dust myself off, and begin to develop the new me. I jumped back into hobbies I had previously loved and I began to venture into becoming healthier and more fit. By making this decision, I am exploring many new possibilities and even taking new exercise classes. As a result, I hope to encourage my own children to develop themselves and always explore new possibilities. I was also fortunate to reconnect with an old friend who has formed a wonderful group of women, with similar interests, who are encouraging one another in the areas of exercise and nutrition. This would not have been possible if I didn’t decide to be open to change and let that “catalyst” move me in the right direction.

The future is looking bright!


Guilty Pleasures For Any Day Or Season


We each have those things which make us happy or brighten our mood. Some are associated with certain times of year/seasons and some are simply random/happy things which put a smile on my face. I am also proud to say that my daughters have adopted a few of these guilty pleasures as their own. How great is that?

Without further ado:

1) Books, Books, Books-If I could get paid to read, I would!! My only regret is I wish I had more time to sit and read. Such utter peace!

2)Ice Cream Sundaes-Making these can be the key to happiness. Have a variety of toppings to choose from, some good conversation, and the fun will happen! I got to experience a sundae party very recently over the holidays.

3) My Go To Movies- No matter how many times I see them they never grow old or lose their magic. My #1 favorite-The Sound Of Music. No other movie captures that romance! Other favorites include Holiday Inn and White Christmas. I pretty much love period pieces and musicals. It sounds geeky but I own my entertainment interests.

4) Hot Flavored Tea-I come by this naturally. Simply ask my Mom. Flavored decaf tea goes fabulous with a good book.

5) Hugs and a good back scratch-These two always chase the blues away. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they give hugs!

6) Peppermint Hot Chocolate-Yes I am addicted to this drink! It warms me up and is comforting plus I love anything with peppermint. WaWa, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts–They all have hot chocolate selections I crave. I have also been known to have some even in the Summer. It is all good as long as there is air conditioning, right?

7) Downton Abbey-I am an avid fan and proud owner of seasons 1-5 plus I have two teenage daughters who are now fans. The more the merrier!

8) The Walton’s-I have begun my collection. I love the sense of family and tradition. Grandpa is my favorite!

9) I Love Lucy-Classic fun! My favorite thing to watch while folding laundry.

10) Gel Manicures-So relaxing and a lovely end result. Wish I could get them more!

11) Music-Too many favorites to list here. The music fits the mood. Just put on whatever makes you happy. I, myself, have different types for different activities. There isn’t too much I don’t enjoy listening on any given day. I have many individuals to thank for my musical interests. I am now trying to pass that on to my children. Don’t limit yourself to one type of music. There is so much out there to appreciate.

12) Walks-Whether on your own or with a friend or two, they offer great clarity of mind and the exercise benefits are great as well!

I could make this list longer but I will stop here at my top 12 list. I would be interested in reading what makes your lists. Feel free to respond.