It Is Time For A Gratitude Attitude!



Being present in the moment can be a challenge in these hectic first few weeks of a new school year. So hectic that it takes a true effort to pause and note that which I am truly grateful for in my life. Today, for instance, I took a mental acknowledgment of anything I came across that made me smile, laugh, or breath easily because of how I was at those moments. In addition, to writing this blog, I have been reminded of something else I did before which aided in having a positive outlook and that is keeping a gratitude journal. I have done this 3 times before, in my life, and each time I wrote down what I was grateful for on a daily basis and I certainly gained an awareness of how many blessings I had in my life daily. These grateful accounts lasted for a year each time I documented my gratitude. It opened my eyes to everyday happenings that may have been overlooked without the conscious effort I made to document them.

Once, in a blue moon, I look over these journals and am amazed at how present I was in my life. The results have been contentment, a heightened awareness, peacefulness, and a new appreciation of what is in my life. Anything that causes these results is worth doing. Toss aside proper rules of grammar and just begin listing each blessing or item which has caused a feeling of gratitude. Take it one step at a time and one breath at a time. Previously, I began with going over my day and writing down 3 things I was grateful for each day. Occasionally, that number would seem limiting and the list of grateful items would go on and on and a longer list would seem to be the norm. With that being said, either written or unwritten, a simple acknowledgment will do wonders for an attitude.

It is at the end of a day of a busy first week. One in which a few challenges, for my daughter who is recovering, were presented. However, I would like to pause and state what I am grateful for today at this moment.

*My family

*My new class

*Cooler temperatures on the way

*A tremendous medical team who have helped my daughter/family



*Dinner brought by my husband

*Friends who stick by you

*Dedicated educators

Here is to another day, tomorrow, full of things I will be grateful for in my life!