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imageI love this time of year when the days get longer and we have more daylight. It is also the time of year when my soul longs for a change or growth in a new direction. A feeling of being stagnate is one I try to avoid but one in which I find myself in on occasion. I have made efforts, to get out of my comfort zone, and stretch my idea of who I am but I am feeling that it is not enough. Change is in the air. I am not sure where it will lead or what direction it will take me. I only know I am ready. I am open to new ideas and ready to pursue my passions. All of which are good for the soul!




March Favorites




This is a type of blog I have not done before, although I love to read and view them on various blogs. These are all things I have tried and loved this month! I have listed a brief description and links for each of the items.  Enjoy and be sure to share, if any of these are favorites for you.


Sleepytime Peach-Celestial Seasonings.

This is a flavorful, calming tea with peach undertones. It is an essential part of a night routine. Be sure to check it out!


The Nightingale– Kristin Hannah.

This is a page turner with a plot full of events that do not stop. It takes place in the 1940’s Europe at the height of the war. It is the current selection of my book club.

Corrupted– Lisa Scottoline.

A favorite author who never disappoints. Her legal thrillers will keep you up at night because you just won’t want to put it down. I cannot wait for her newest to come out in a few weeks.


Ellie and Jared:

This is a daily vlog channel featuring a Utah family named the Mecham’s  Their family adventures are enjoyable to watch and episodes are to be looked forward to each day. Their extended family is very relatable.


This is a daily vlog channel featuring a family from Ireland living in England. It is a lighthearted glimpse into family life in Europe. It is always interesting to see the events each day involving their adorable children!


A vlog which is done weekly, featuring Zoe Sugg. She is a young woman living in England. She is quirky, fun, and informative. Her vlogs vary from ones where she features her adventures; to ones in which she focuses on a “do it” yourself project or craft.


Anna Saccone:

Anna Saccone is one half of the SacconeJoly family living in England. She writes her own blog, in addition to being featured in her daily vlogs with her family.


Anchors Aweigh

A classic movie in which I just discovered this month. It features a young Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly whose characters are on a brief furlough from their roles in the Navy.

TV Show:

Downton Abbey

Although it ended at the beginning of the month, it will live on in my mind and each time I pull out the series to rewatch. It features the Crawly family, at the turn of the century, and how life began to change for the wealthy families of Europe. The costumes alone are worth the watch.

Fuller House

This is a modern spin on the classic 90’s classic, family sitcom. It is great to see the old characters and the laughs continue.



It has been quite a long wait for this next selection from Adele. However, it is well worth the wait!! I have one word, “Hello”. Adele fans know what that reference means.


A favorite one is listed above.

If you have any March Favorites, list them in the comments below.








Back In Action


It has been far too long and I miss writing. I made a promise to myself and I am ready to begin writing for my blog again. I took a break, for a variety of reasons, but I feel now is a good time to return.

I will be posting 2 entries by the end of the weekend and then on a regular basis.

Stay tuned!



A Change in Perspective


I miss writing for my blog! There I have said it! It has been just about 2 weeks since I posted in my blog.

Life has moved on in my life. Summer has officially ended for me. A return to work and school for all. Routines are new and tried out to see what works and what doesn’t. It is a matter of trial and error these first few weeks. Also, back to school nights are done. Grateful for that!

I intend to have a creative outlet each day. Even if it is just 15 minutes. I plan on cross stitching or writing during this time set aside. It will cultivate my creative side and help me to focus better on the other area of my life . I love creating things.

My first posting, not that things have settled, will be this Wednesday. I hope to post weekly either on Tuesdays or Wednesdays.

Thanks for reading,

A Letter To My Daughters


blogDear Girls,

As we begin another school year, I want to take this opportunity to impart some advice, thank you both, and surround you with love. This is another big year, for both of you, in so many ways. The future awaits you and is ready for the dreams, skills, talents, and plans you will bring to it. May you never lose your desire to learn. There is so much out there and so much to be discovered, read, and shared. Follow your dreams and never let another discourage, belittle, or alter those dreams. You are in the driver’s seat. Your future awaits! It is okay for you to change the dream a bit or to come up with a completely new one. As long as YOU are the one who decides. Explore your interests! Join a club or two. It is alright if your friends do not join the same clubs. Varied interests can keep a friendship fresh and renewed.

Take time to be silly or to have a really good belly laugh! It clears the “cobwebs” in the mind and helps with a fresh perspective. Find your own path but know that those that love and support you will be there along the way. Remember to reach out and grab onto one of them periodically. We become stronger when we reach out to others. It is better to do that than to become overwhelmed and frustrated. When you make decisions, that effect your future, be sure to do them after careful consideration and consultation. Never make a decision based solely on what someone else thinks or feels. You will only let yourself down if you do that.

We have always used the expression, “Be true to who you are” in our house and this quote sums up the central beliefs that this letter sprang out of today. If you both stay strong and positive and grow from each learning experience, there will be no stopping the goals you both hope to accomplish.

Thank you for all you continue to teach me. I love you both and I am incredibly proud of all that you have accomplished thus far.

The best is yet to come! I am so excited to see what the future holds for you, my lovely daughters!



Ten Things I Like About Fall


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As the Summer season starts to fade away and Fall eases into place very soon, it is time now to be reflective and think about what I love about the season we are approaching. With that being said, here are my top 10 Fall likes.

1) Leaves changing colors.

2) Soup Time-I love so many types but my favorite is definitely potato soup.

3) Hot chocolate and hot tea. I have both year round but more often, naturally, as the weather changes.

4) My wedding anniversary. We were married in October because I love this time of year so much.

5) Fall festivals and pumpkin picking. A great time to gather friends and family and head off to one on a beautiful weekend. Age is not a factor.

6) Blankets and curling up with a good book on a chilly day.

7) Baking-I am not a big baker but I love to whip up breads or cookies at this time. My goal is to attempt some baking with apples this year. Any great recipes to recommend?

8) Winery trip/tour-I love the landscape that wineries provide. Such beauty in simple settings. You can be educated on varieties of wine and the production process. A picnic lunch at one of them tops off the day with family and friends.

9) Crafting-My need to do so kicks into high gear. Homemade Christmas gifts are on tap this year.

10) Thanksgiving-The feeling of being grateful for all of the blessings in my life. My children have also expressed to me how this is a favorite holiday because of the emphasis on family.

I am interested in knowing do you have any great fall recipes to share? Soups, breads, or cookies? Also, what would be on your top 10 Fall likes?

Feel free to comment.

What I Know For Sure



“In school, you’re taught a lesson and then given a test. In life, you’re given a test that teaches you a lesson” Author unknown.

I came across this quote in a  magazine this week. I immediately stopped and spent some time thinking about it. It is appropriate,for this time of year of new beginnings, as people begin prepping for a return to school. When I looked at this quote, I also thought of it as a backwards approach. This can be a more difficult approach to grasping life’s lessons. When you are taught a lesson, in school, you are instructed several times, receive notes to study from and quiz yourself on, and you may also have a practice test or two to check on how much material you have grasped. If there is a lack of understanding, then there are other opportunities for strengthening areas of weakness and possibly retesting.

In life, as I mentioned, we start backwards. The tests are presented without any prior background knowledge, note taking, or quizzing. There are no opportunities for a retest. This is a difficult concept to grasp and to embrace. It also takes time to reflect upon each test and to see them for the gifts that they are in each of our lives. Tests can have a tendency to overwhelm and keep us down or to stagnate us. These are all the results of not comprehending why these tests happened upon us. Close proximity, to the test, can cloud us from seeing the “big picture” or the intended lesson. Distance and time can be key factors in removing the clouds so that the lessons are finally evident to us. I believe this skill of understanding comes from a heightened awareness, a living in the moment approach, and an attitude of gratitude. Goals to aspire to in all of our lives.

I have had many tests, in the last few years, and some lessons have come easier than others. But, I know one thing for sure and that is I will keep looking and learning for the lessons in each test.