Journey To A Healthier Version Of Me




I have recommitted to being a more fit version of me these last 2 months. I am working out with friends, using the outdoors as my gym, and exercising at home on my own as well. I even signed up to do 100 miles of walking/jogging, in the month of May, to raise funds for Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia.

All of this has helped me come to some realizations or “Ahh-Ha” moments.

#1-I like the way I feel after exercising. This happens despite the fact that I
may go kicking or screaming or I may go dragging my tired self for a park
#2-I do see some differences. It is slow progress but I see some changes and I like it. Changes are encouraging.
#3-I am a part of a group that supports and encourages one another on this journey to being better versions of ourselves. This is so refreshing since, very often, women feel in competition or tear one another down.
#4-My push or drive comes from my daughters who encourage me each day. Their drive and determination makes me want to do this even more. Very often, they accompany me to fitness events or assist me in finding new workouts on Pinterest. I truly want to make them proud and inspire them in some small way.
#5-I most likely will not run a marathon or do a triathlon and I am ok with that but I will continue to set goals and achieve them.
#6-Inspiration is all around me. Living in the moment and staying true to who you are remain 2 goals as well as philosophies for me in my life. The latter one is somewhat easier to keep because life can get in the way and cause us to focus too much on the future and stray away from the moment. The present moment remains all we are guaranteed so worrying about the future robs us of that.
#7-Being in my 40’s, and I cannot believe I am writing that fact down, has brought challenges and gifts. These gifts include the idea that I no longer want to be a part of any drama and I will remove myself from situations that are drama filled or unhealthy for my quest to grow with a more positive outlook. I simply am following the same advice I give my twin daughters. I try to look at challenges as lessons in life and move on from them as they occur. Dwelling only breeds negativity.

In addition, I am excited to try new things without second guessing myself and stepping out of that all too limiting comfort zone. I love the freedom that comes with this age and I am now less concerned with what others think. Hopefully, I won’t cause my children much embarrassment as demonstrated, this past weekend, when I broke into song while walking through the streets of a town that was hosting a classic car show. Can I help it the DJ played great music?

I look forward to many new adventures, and lessons learned, as I continue along on this journey to a healthier version of me. The obstacles will be there but they will get smaller with each experience and each attempt.

As the title of my blog states..I am an optimist in training.


4 thoughts on “Journey To A Healthier Version Of Me

  1. The most optimistic thing about your fitness plan is that it is realistic. I listen to people all day at the gym making this big, grandiose plans without having thought through what they need to change in their own head first, You will do this!

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