What Happens When We Do Not Assign Labels?


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I have been reflecting on the idea of assigning labels and putting everything, including people, under a specific label umbrella if you will. In another entry, some time ago, I touched upon this topic but I would like to revisit it again and expand upon it a bit.

I recently, within the last 5 weeks, became part of a group of women who encourage and support one another when it comes to fitness goals, nutrition, and motivation. We believe in one another and build one another up. No questions asked. It is simply one of the philosophies of the group. How inspiring is that? The woman whose “dream child” this is, is a childhood friend and, in fact, our mothers have been best friends for over 60 years. This new group serves as a source of encouragement and these new found friends serve as a wonderful support system. I have tried 3 new types of exercise classes and participated in 2 exercise challenges. Not bad for someone who was never labeled and “athlete” or a “gym rat.!” I did not feel intimidated, without these labels, only empowered as I tried new things and succeeded.

Just think if children did not impose labels upon one another. Would they be more accepting of one another? How about labels such as “meek”, “shy”, or “reserved?” An individual who is of this nature should be valued and and not penalized. I am speaking from personal experience and I have seen it in action. Everyone has gifts and talents. It is time to let them shine! As an educator, I have seen students thrive when they know they are not constrained by labels in regards to intelligence or talent. The student who is good at sports can also be good at art or the more reserved student can deliver an empowered speech in favor of the music program at a school board meeting.

This idea of no labeling can be applied to all areas of life. When people do mislabeling it is simply a matter of over generalization

We need to rid labeling as a practice. Who knows it may just put a smile on someone’s face when they feel encouraged. What a great thing!


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