Guilty Pleasures For Any Day Or Season


We each have those things which make us happy or brighten our mood. Some are associated with certain times of year/seasons and some are simply random/happy things which put a smile on my face. I am also proud to say that my daughters have adopted a few of these guilty pleasures as their own. How great is that?

Without further ado:

1) Books, Books, Books-If I could get paid to read, I would!! My only regret is I wish I had more time to sit and read. Such utter peace!

2)Ice Cream Sundaes-Making these can be the key to happiness. Have a variety of toppings to choose from, some good conversation, and the fun will happen! I got to experience a sundae party very recently over the holidays.

3) My Go To Movies- No matter how many times I see them they never grow old or lose their magic. My #1 favorite-The Sound Of Music. No other movie captures that romance! Other favorites include Holiday Inn and White Christmas. I pretty much love period pieces and musicals. It sounds geeky but I own my entertainment interests.

4) Hot Flavored Tea-I come by this naturally. Simply ask my Mom. Flavored decaf tea goes fabulous with a good book.

5) Hugs and a good back scratch-These two always chase the blues away. You can tell a lot about a person by the way they give hugs!

6) Peppermint Hot Chocolate-Yes I am addicted to this drink! It warms me up and is comforting plus I love anything with peppermint. WaWa, Starbucks, or Dunkin Donuts–They all have hot chocolate selections I crave. I have also been known to have some even in the Summer. It is all good as long as there is air conditioning, right?

7) Downton Abbey-I am an avid fan and proud owner of seasons 1-5 plus I have two teenage daughters who are now fans. The more the merrier!

8) The Walton’s-I have begun my collection. I love the sense of family and tradition. Grandpa is my favorite!

9) I Love Lucy-Classic fun! My favorite thing to watch while folding laundry.

10) Gel Manicures-So relaxing and a lovely end result. Wish I could get them more!

11) Music-Too many favorites to list here. The music fits the mood. Just put on whatever makes you happy. I, myself, have different types for different activities. There isn’t too much I don’t enjoy listening on any given day. I have many individuals to thank for my musical interests. I am now trying to pass that on to my children. Don’t limit yourself to one type of music. There is so much out there to appreciate.

12) Walks-Whether on your own or with a friend or two, they offer great clarity of mind and the exercise benefits are great as well!

I could make this list longer but I will stop here at my top 12 list. I would be interested in reading what makes your lists. Feel free to respond.



2 thoughts on “Guilty Pleasures For Any Day Or Season

  1. Books, hot tea, movies, music, and walks all make my list. Also spending time with my family and a great TV series on DVD so I can binge-watch it on the rare occasions I have the time. It’s the little things in life that bring the most pleasure. 🙂

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