Lessons Learned and Forward We Go!!


Melita Bloomer - Coming Year

Happy New Year!

A chance to analyze, look at lessons learned, begin again, make new goals, and focus on achieving those goals. It is similar to what the month of September is to students everywhere.

What I learned in 2014:

1) My family continues to amaze me.

2) My children have an exceptional work ethic and compassion for others.

3) Worrying does not change a single thing.

4) Worrying causes today to become lost in the shuffle.

5) Never stop learning.

6) Always strive for new goals.

7) God provides strength in the most difficult of circumstances.

8) People are place in our lives to serve various needs and purposes. One needs to simply step back to grasp these meanings. Sometimes being too close, to the situation, obscure that view that we need.

9) Do not lose yourself in the “muck” of life’s hardships. Grab onto that life preserver whether it be a new goal, a friend, a hobby or a piece of music. I will admit that I am guilty of failing at this step in recent months. I may have gotten stuck in the “muck” and lost my goal/focus. My goal is to acquire that focus back and by doing so I will continue to move forward.

10) Unfortunately, bad things happen to everyone. Trying to find reasons for their occurrence  is fruitless. This is another thing I am guilty of in life and it is a quick way to get stuck in that “muck.” It robs us of our faith and our strength that comes from many different areas. Why  give the bad things more power to expand and cloud our outlook? Recognize when they are present, even roll your eyes a time or two, and MOVE ON!! Where there is movement there is progress. Progress is always consistently a GOOD thing!

11) Find a passion or two and you will find yourself flourishing as you grow in learning and applying these passions.

12) Prayer is the ultimate tool for coming out of the muck I mentioned in point #9. Ask others to pray for you, as well, and storm heaven. as a friend of mine has described it.

What I hope for in 2015:

1) To form new goals.

2) To take necessary steps to achieve them.

3)To live in the moment.

4)To take chances.

5) To see my family happy and healthy as they go through the new year.

6) To finally see my daughter have an end to the chronic shoulder problems as she faces possibly another procedure. This has knocked us off our feet, in the last 2 days of 2014, because what we thought was fixed is in need of reevaluation.

7) To develop new passions and rediscover who I am!

What thoughts and goals do you have this first day of 2015?


3 thoughts on “Lessons Learned and Forward We Go!!

  1. So many if these are relatable. I’m all in for a physical adventure. We hiked the gran canyon three years ago, and I love to set another goal like that.

    Mostly, like you, I want to make the best of everyday and really be present to it.

    Prayer keeps us on the right path.

    Happy New Year!


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