Gratitude SOS Kit-My weekend list of 10



In the past, before the days of numerous blogs, I kept a gratitude journal. Although I no longer do that, I have channeled my writing interests, into a blog, where I can still incorporate gratitude into my posts. This weekend was a much needed blessing after a long week. It felt like a huge sigh/breath was released. **Deep emptying breaths are always good to use when de-stressing.

Here is my gratitude list of 10 from the weekend.

1) Family movie night complete with favorite snacks. Conversation flowed, throughout the night, as we recapped the week.

2) An evening walk with my daughters. Love to do this! I learn so much from listening to the thoughts they each share.*I don’t just do the walk for the exercise.

3) Sleeping in with no alarm going off at an early hour.

4) Breakfast and tea, on the patio, with one of my daughters. Pure bliss! We were even fortunate to watch the sky clear and the sun come through as we sat together.

5) Getting caught up on the wash. A sense of accomplishment as a new week starts. “Starting with a clean slate.”

6) Time to read! One of my passions! I love reading and to have time to do so, each day, is good for my soul.

7) Time to write and publish 2 postings. This is a challenge to myself and I am happy to continue it. Writing is cathartic.

8) Beginning the day with prayer and church. A great way to start the day!

9) Spending 3 hours on prepping for school. A wonderful feeling of satisfaction knowing I am caught up. *At least for a day!

10) Supportive friends/family. Whether it was a text, email, private message, or even a new contact shared– it was noticed and appreciated!! So, thank you!!

All in all a wonderful and blessed weekend! I am thankful!



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