Dig Deep





The saga continues with our family and how we move forward with our daughter’s “new normal” for now. Positive energy and outlooks have been running a bit low these last few weeks and obstacles seem to be in no short supply along with the tears. This is certainly a test but I wasn’t quite ready to take it.

The title of “Dig Deep” refers to looking for an unlimited amount of precious things. Such as strength, patience, control, endurance, and the right attitude. I had recently reached out to a friend, earlier this week, and she told me that these trials are serving as a prepping period so to speak for the greater good or work I will do in the future. I do believe that there is a purpose for everything no matter how challenging the situation. It has been difficult, to say the least, to quiet everything else going on and truly see that. What I need to recognize is what would come more naturally, in the past, I now need to make a conscious effort to practice and appreciate the little things and see the progress my daughter and our family is making no matter how small! I cannot change or control the past but I can control my reaction to my present and my future. The next step is to wipe the tears and move forward!

I never thought I would be comfortable enough blogging about this and I am trying to develop something good out of it all. As I stated earlier, these last few weeks have been so draining for our daughter. Enter the “twin factor.” For the first time ever my daughters did not enter school together. There is no manual to tell you how to balance supporting one twin daughter, and all she is experiencing at high school, while at the same time supporting your other twin daughter on home bound instruction who would rather be with her sister. If there was such a book, I would buy it, highlight it, take notes, and get the audio version. It is a balancing act that I feel does not have me balancing, but rather failing as I fall off of that rope repeatedly.

My next step involves being an advocate for my daughter. It is a job unto itself. Roadblocks abound but we have a wonderful team of medical experts, a few key people in education, and a supportive family to guide us on this unexpected path. A test of strength or courage? Maybe? A need to “Dig Deep?” Definitely!! But, oh so worth it! As I said, I believe in a reason for everything and I know that both my girls will have an impact on the world due to these surgeries and experiences and the world will be better for it.

I hope my daughters find strength, from our family unit, as we all “Dig Deep.”



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