Stronger From Every Scar


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I was doing some reflecting before I began writing. Sometimes it is harder to narrow down topics and today was one of those days. My two “idea consultants”, also known as my daughters, are helpful to bounce ideas off of at any time. Indirectly, they provided me with a narrowed down topic. After doing errands, this afternoon, they were watching an episode of Glee from two seasons ago. In this episode the cast sings a song titled “Outcast” and in it were the words “Stronger From Every Scar.” Wow!! This title has a million life lessons within it.

Last week my daughter, who had surgery this summer,came up with a “plan” with her sister. The plan involved photographing her back scar and attaching her favorite quote. Both she and her sister decided to take this plan a bit further and post it on Facebook and on Instagram. I was also asked to please post this as well on my Facebook page. I was so incredibly proud of them both!! Not many teenagers would be confident enough and brave enough to come up with this plan and execute it. My daughter has embraced her scar and knows that she is stronger for it. It is not always easy for her but neither of my girls backs down from a challenge. It is this spirit that I want them to embrace and carry with them throughout their lives.

Scars can be both visible and invisible. Visible scars are constant reminders of what a person has gone through and they should be viewed as badges of honor. No matter the origin, of the scar, the wearer overcame a hurdle and is full of strength because of it. I know some want to cover up scars but my wish is that they would know that there are people who admire and support them.

I have been a witness when others stare, or take a second look, at my daughter’s shoulder contraption.I have also seen people look at others who are different and my heart breaks. We need to support and encourage all people.I see this quality, in my daughters, and it makes me so proud and happy. Everyone has feelings and everyone has a story. Try slowing down and take a listen to that story. You might end up encouraging someone while at the same time educating others. That same encouragement could be a source of strength when times are tough for those trying to overcome hurdles.

I am thankful that I was able to hear this song and those key words, “Stronger From Every Scar”, which I turned into the title of my posting. As I stated earlier, scars fall into two categories and no matter the kind we are stronger for each one. What an encouraging thought and empowering message.

We are stronger from every scar!

May we never forget that message. I am so glad I was reminded of that message, indirectly, while sitting in my family room.

So proud of her!

So proud of her!


4 thoughts on “Stronger From Every Scar

  1. Reblogged this on Grieving Gumdrops: The Sweeter Side of Grief and commented:
    As a grieving mother with a permanent scar on display, I found this to be a great post shedding insight to marks that we all have, inside and out. Some type of scar. We can try to hide them or proudly show them off, yet we will find that we often are taken by surprise when we realize that we have survived and are stronger because of our experiences. They will forever be a part of us.

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  2. “MOT” (Mom of twins) 🙂 I apologize for thinking this was Daphne’s original post. I love her blog and it came to me from her.

    With that said, I still believe if your girls are cool with it, a poblog would be amazing!!!

    I’m looking forward to reading more!!! B.

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  3. Maryanne

    Brave photo to post, yet shows the strength within your daughter to conquer any obstacles that come her way.
    Someday, this scar could be the inspiration for a really interesting tattoo;)

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