Fool Proof Advice For Surviving Life’s Milestones–To My Daughters


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The topic of milestones has been on my mind through out this past summer. As parents we experience many milestones. So many parents are closing out this week with surviving a child’s first move to college or a return trip. I’m already stocking up on tissues for when it is our turn to do that trip!

In our family, that milestone is a few years away yet but nevertheless there is a milestone headed our way. Our “babies” are entering high school. As parents of twins each milestone is a little more sentimental because we don’t get to do it again : (    Wait!! Who gave permission for this to happen?? All joking aside, we could not be prouder of what our children have accomplished thus far and we are looking forward to this next chapter. In light of this, here is some advice I will give to our daughters and hope this serves as a guide for them.

10 Pieces of Advice:

1) Work hard.

2) Look for opportunities to join clubs or organizations to spark your interests. Use this time, in high school, to develop these interests which could lead to a future endeavor.

3) Time management–May the skills, in this area, that were developed in middle school continue into your high school career.

4) Some of the best friendships that you will have start in high school. Some will also fade away with the memories of graduation day but remember to be open to meeting new people. Remember everyone, who comes into your life, has something to teach you even if they are only in your life for a short time.

5) Be true to who you are—Never feel like you have to change, who you are, to simply fit in with others.

6) Always project an image of confidence and believe in yourself. (Apply this in all situations even if you are shaking inside and about to give a big presentation in a class).

7) You will always have a strong support system here–AKA your family.

8) Know you are loved more than anything in this world!!

9) Your heart may get broken a time or two but you will get over it and be stronger for it.

10) Only you can decide your future! Your education is what you make of it! Listen to your heart.

Well, these are my pieces of advice dear daughters. Get ready to open that door to your future and the next chapter! It is going to be the best one yet. Learn something new each day and be open to all the world has to offer.

I love you both!!


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