Families Are Found In Traditions



“It is a tradition!” A famous expression uttered, by one of my daughters, on a daily basis practically. If you are in my home or are spending time with my daughter, you will most likely hear those words spoken. No matter the frequency, the importance is never weakened.

This expression equals an appreciation of life and all that it has to offer. So many rush through life and just go through the motions without appreciating all that is given to them.

For instance, consider a french toast Christmas morning. A breakfast choice, for a family, but for those that value traditions a simple breakfast choice such as this has Christmas morning and all of the memories wrapped up within it. Each time it is made those memories will live again for the family. Consider this next point. My girls and I go out to lunch, on the last day of school, to the same restaurant. Since my daughter values her traditions there is no entertaining any other restaurant choices and I wouldn’t have it any other way. Summer isn’t the same unless we begin it at that same restaurant along with ordering the annual choices. I just love traditions! I also love being reminded about them! In the business of life it is heart warming to be reminded of what made an impact on someone’s life. What may seem inconsequential to some may be a highlight for another. It is these same traditions that make a family truly unique. I could go on and on about my favorite traditions. Many started when I was growing up and they continue now that I have my own family. The fall and the Christmas seasons are brimming with traditions. These traditions are not limited to a specific age group and are known to bring a smile on and warm a heart or two.

Traditions that have been known to cause happiness as a side effect include:

1)Jumping in a pile of freshly raked leaves.

2)Walking on a curb as if it were a tight rope.

3) Hot chocolate on a crisp evening.

4)Annual fireworks

5)Completing a puzzle on a snowy day with a loved one.

6)Baking Christmas cookies

7)Watching Christmas movies as a family.

8)Holidays that consist of particular food items beloved by all.

9)Sign offs on telephone calls that are unique only to the two parties on the phone.

10)A photo taken on the first day of school en route to the bus stop.

Traditions are loved by a family as you can see and today we continued with yet another one. It is not the most exciting one but a tradition nevertheless. Today, my daughters helped to assist in getting my classroom organized for the new school year. I can’t imagine doing it without them. Their ideas and advice are invaluable. When I began teaching, my Aunt Peggy and I would bond over this task and now that she has passed on several years ago; her enthusiasm for the task lives on in my children.

Feel free to comment on this posting with a favorite family tradition of your own. You never know who you may inspire!

Enjoy and appreciate all traditions!


3 thoughts on “Families Are Found In Traditions

  1. We had traditions when I was small, but as I grew up and my parents grew weaker and my sister stayed farther, the traditions kind of died. When I start a family, we’ll make new ones that are as fun as yours! 🙂


  2. You have some wonderful traditions! I always enjoyed 4th of July fireworks and time at the lake with my family. I also loved Thanksgiving because it was just a holiday to eat good food and enjoy family time. Now, as an adult, one of my favorite traditions are going to the farmer’s market on Sunday mornings in the summer.

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