September 1st –The New January 1st!





The 1st of September has always been a beacon of change and a chance to begin again. It actually means more to me than the 1st of January. January does not equal resolutions in my world. As September creeps, closer and closer, so too does my mind begin the process of switching to resolution mode. My resolutions do not necessarily focus on how to lose weight or exercising more as do resolutions drafted in January. My resolutions center around the areas of my life that include my profession, my family, and challenging myself to develop new projects and or goals.

My quest to reshape and improve these key aspects, of my life,takes me into a research and development phase and also a bit of an analytical phase. Ha-Ha!! I like to analyze what worked or didn’t work in my classroom in the previous year. Maybe considering what strategies were effective and maybe just need a bit of tweaking. Occasionally, there may be a technique or strategy that needs to be thrown out due to its ineffectiveness. The benefit of being a student or teacher is that the opportunity to begin anew is offered each September. A clean slate is a beautiful thing! I welcome this opportunity and see it as my challenge to improve upon previous years. A concept which has been passed down to my children. It must be working because they go charging towards this new start each year. I, on the other hand, move a little bit more hesitantly simply because I love our pace in this season!

In my family, I like to consider what would make us run more smoothly. What new recipes can be added to our repertoire? It is important to not rely on take-out, too much, on those more hectic days. Pinterest is a valuable resource for new and healthy recipes. Magazines cannot be forgotten for interesting family friendly recipes.

The last aspect that my resolutions center on is using September 1st as a means of challenging myself to develop new projects and or goals. I’m happy to say that I have initiated 2 goals, a little early, but I’m excited to see them expand and unfold. One of these is my blog. The other project involves another love of mine which is reading and sharing thoughts and ideas about books I have read with friends.

I can’t stop September 1st from coming, but at least I can choose to make it better in all areas of my life when compared to prior Septembers.

Make September 1st a starting point for a bit of change in your own life. There are no requirements. This date can be a wonderful springboard and you don’t have to be a teacher. However, we are all students each day of our lives!

Happy New Year!!


3 thoughts on “September 1st –The New January 1st!

  1. Mom-o, I love your Happy New School Year vibe. They are both back to school times — New Year’s is always right before the second term of school, too. Very appropriate comparison. I always buy my next year’s calendar around now, too, because so many relevant dates will fall in 2015!! Wow! 2015… Seems like 2000 was only a few years ago, not 15. Anyway, I hope your new school year is full of inspirations and many beautiful moments. I hope you enjoy yourself! What a hard job you have. 🙂 All the best, Brenda

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