Tell Tale Signs



I admire those whose have a heightened awareness of what is going on around them in their daily lives. Although I consider myself an individual who has had a strong faith filled upbringing; I do not see myself as an extremely intuitive person. However, I do aspire to be one of those that I admire. There are many, who have reached that heightened awareness status, and never miss tell tale signs that a loved one’s presence is nearby. It may be a random penny found by someone’s feet or maybe a beautiful cardinal has flown by and perched itself up high in a backyard tree. I know one friend, who every time she comes across a butterfly she knows that her beloved relative is giving her guidance and letting her know that she is not alone.

Since I am journeying towards being more positive and being present in the moment, this issue is never far from my mind. A few hours ago I was quickly passing through a room, in my home, and literally stopped in my tracks. Out of the corner of my eye was what I believed to be a rainbow in the distance. After this abrupt stop, I made my way to the window and sure enough there was a lovely rainbow. I looked up and with a smile and I said a prayer. For I now know that this was my sign that we all have what we need to prosper and enjoy the blessings that we are given. Sometimes the answer truly does lie “right in our own backyard.” May that rainbow bring peace and be a wonderful symbol of hope to whomever had their eyes on it. I know it did for me!

A friend of mine, who is an author and motivator, posted a poster tonight with the words “You can’t live in faith and fear. It’s one or the other.” Remember, to heed these words everyone and choose faith every time. Faith that all will work out and answers will be found,also faith that  peace will be made and lastly love will prevail.






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