Top 10-School Year Tips for Working Moms


One of my favorite quotes by Jim Henson. Sharing in honor of his birthday today (September 24th). :)    "The attitude you have as a pa

As the approach of September looms over me, more and more, I know that I cannot be in total denial anymore. It is coming! As a teacher there is no denying it! Although, I feel like summer just began on July 30th which is the day after my daughter’s surgery. That is one reason I don’t feel ready to jump into another school year. Prior to July 29th we enjoyed ourselves and had some relaxing time but again I knew what lay ahead us. So here I am trying to confront the obvious and think of what has made my life easier and more successful as a working mom in the past. Please don’t get me wrong, I never claim to be perfect and there have been times where these 10 tips were forgotten by overwhelmed me but I never give up trying!!

1)The crock pot is my friend (so is the grill!)–I love coming home from school and being greeted with an aroma from the kitchen. Whether I put it together, or my hubby, it is such a relief to know dinner is ready for the family.

2) Delegate household chores. Each family member can contribute in some way.

3) Family Time-In our house, if at all possible, we eat dinner together. I grew up that way and believe it is so important for my own family. Family time could also involved a game night or some kind of family activity.

4)Me Time- Never should be forgotten each day even if it is a small amount such as reading for 15 minutes or watching a particular show.

5) K.I.T-Don’t forget friends! Keep in touch with your friends. Yes, a text, phone call, or email counts! Reach out! We need the support and friendship as working moms! Aim to not cut yourself off from the world. One of my goals is to begin a book club in September. I love to read and it is a great way to interact with friends.

6) Assign certain days to specific chores-This is better than randomly deciding each day what should get completed.

7) Schedules-Do not let work items become overwhelming. Try to designate times and days for those items as well.

8) BREATH-It is capitalized for a reason! So important to pause wherever and whenever to reflect, center ourselves, and move on again.

9) Exercise-So many types to choose from and numerous benefits! This tip could also be accomplished and fit in with tips 3,4, or 5.

10) Couple/Date Night-Sounds cliche, I know! However, it is important to designate this as a time set aside even if it is only 1x a month. A dinner out with or without a movie is one suggestion or visit a museum nearby. There are a multitude of choices!

Hopefully these are beneficial to others! If you have another tip, please share. You can never have too many tips!

Bring it on September!!



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