Lessons Learned




Two weeks ago tomorrow I embarked on my newest venture of blogging. I feel excited and renewed in spirit as this continues to enfold. My goal is to continue to write about family issues, being optimistic, and striving for new goals. There is never a shortage of ideas on any of those topics. I intend to write/blog 3 times weekly and will publish on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays.

Throughout my life I have always loved to learn and I am confident that this will always be a component of who I am–a life long learner! I hope that I have passed this on to my daughters as well as the students I come into contact with each year. With that being said, here are a few lessons I have learned in my writing up to this point:

1) Writing is cathartic.

2) It is vital to write from the heart.

3) It is more productive, for me, to express thoughts and ideas through writing rather than speaking in person.

4) I have surprised my daughters (I also hope I have inspired them a bit, too!)

5) Always Be True To Who You Are!–These are words I encourage my daughters with consistently. These words, I feel, sum up a vast amount of life lessons and these same words also apply to the purpose of my blog. It is important to maintain an authentic voice, in each blog posting, so that you do not go off course in your blog.

I look forward to more blogging and additional lessons learned!


One thought on “Lessons Learned

  1. Hiiiiiiii!!!!!!!!!!

    First off, thanks for the LIKE and the FOLLOW. Really appreciate it.

    Second, I have just clicked on FOLLOW, too. I’m looking at your posts and I like what I see. I also look forward to more blogging and additional lessons learned 🙂

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