Successful Parenting In A Few Easy Steps


970965_220549474765069_810918483_nOne of my favorite movies, no matter what time of year, is Holiday Inn. A classic Christmas movie starring Bing Crosby and Fred Astaire. In the movie there is a very quiet, subtle scene in which Jim Hardy, played by Bing Crosby, is discussing his dream to own an inn, with Linda Mason who wants to work at the inn, played by Marjorie Reynolds. This scene never fails to bring tears to my eyes as each time I view it; I pause to reflect on my own parents.

Quick Summary of the Scene–

Linda compares her father to Jim. A humble man who had a dream but never made it “big.” As long as her father was alive the family had plenty to eat, clothes to keep them warm, and a place to live. Jim, in turn, poses this question to Linda, “Were you happy?” Her response is a resounding, “Yes!” Jim nods his head and states, to Linda, “Then your father was a very successful man.”

I have a connection to this scene, in particular, because this conversation between Jim and Linda could have been one that I would have with anyone regarding my parents. My parents were not wealthy by any means nor did we take exotic vacations, but I could not have been happier growing up. My sister and I both knew we were loved and we were instilled with core, solid values. We were also taught the value of a good education and a strong work ethic. It was a simple life with much happiness.

I have had my own family for quite some time. I strive each day to ensure that my children feel loved and cared for and that they feel valued for the wonderful individuals they are with their own unique gifts.

If I am lucky to accomplish the above mentioned and nothing else, than I too will consider myself a very successful individual. I have worked towards many goals, in my life, among those include a college education and entry into a post graduate program along with becoming an educator but nothing can compare to being a parent.

In conclusion, as soon as I can, I will wrap my arms around both my parents and tell them “Thank you and I love you both and based on your never ending love and support—You both are very successful people!”

Love You!

*Remember readers, success has many definitions*


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