–Patience Is Not A Virtue Of Mine–


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Yes, the title is very true! I own the statement and freely admit it. Those closest to me will also confirm this and will gladly share battle stories of when I have not been my most patient. Home projects, deadlines , traffic, standing in line at amusement parks–you name it!

As we begin to enter this dreaded of weeks, this flaw of mine might as well be tattooed on my forehead. On Tuesday, my daughter will have her surgery. I am filled with a range of emotions at this time. Now that it is her 3rd surgery we know, somewhat, what is ahead of her. Occasionally, being in the dark on some matters is not always a bad thing. My challenges that day include: 1)Patience being required as we wait for her to go back.

2)Patience will also be required as we wait for the procedure to be concluded.

3)Patience will be required as we wait, in recovery, for her to be released.

Once we are home we will be patient and celebrate each milestone of her recovery and achievement in physical therapy.

It is so much simpler to be patient when life is proceeding smoothly. The challenge lies in how patient we are when we must react, and then deal, with the unexpected obstacles in our path. If there is a trick to this, please advise me. As I stated, in the About Me section of this blog, I am an optimist in training. A work in progress so to speak. Continuing to work on improving ourselves is a positive sign of growth. Hopefully, I am on a path of growth with recent endeavors. I recently read that as our children grow and enter different phases of life, that we as parents should not view these milestones with sadness but with optimism and use them as steps in our own growth as individuals. Start something new, make a set of goals, try developing a new skill or hobby, or be a mentor in your field. The options are endless.

We all need a “bag of tricks” to serve as training wheels to help us become more optimistic and more patient. Do you have a trusted friend to bounce things off of? Do you have a favorite prayer or song to help get you through? Perhaps, a certain exercise program or form of meditation is very helpful to you. Maybe there is that friend who will encourage you and distract you, with nonsensical story telling, to simply to get you through the rough patches. I am so very fortunate and thankful to have friends and family that are there for us through the rough patches. I will rely on my faith, my family, and our friends to get through this patience testing week. I know that inspiration is all around me, especially in the outlook that both my daughters possess.

As a public service announcement to my friends and family–Everyone has their work cut out for them this week! Thanks for everything. It is appreciated more than you will ever know.

Love-Impatient but trying to be optimistic,



2 thoughts on “–Patience Is Not A Virtue Of Mine–

  1. Prayer. One word, one way. In the midst of all the din you just say God’s name and watch how the focus changes. In line you suddenly take note of the conversations around you, or that your favorite gum is on sale and you have a coupon!! 🙂 it takes practice MOT and I practice it A LOT! B.


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